Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Frac Sand Producers
  • Well Service Companies
  • E&Ps
  • Class 1 Railroads

With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, COOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Managers Of:

  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain
  • Transportation
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Materials Sourcing
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Plant Manager
  • Construction
  • Regulation
  • HSE


Suppliers Of:

  • Frac Sand Storage Solutions
  • Frac Sand Silos
  • Transloading Services
  • Railcar Loading / Unloading Equipment
  • Frac Sand Handling Equipment
  • Frac Sand Trucking / Hauling Services
  • Frac Sand Testing Services
  • Dust Control Solutions
  • Frac Sand Testing
  • Frac Sand Warehousing Services
  • Railcar Manufacturers & Leasers
  • Shortline Railroad companies

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What Makes This Summit Unique?

MULTIPLE END USER CASE STUDIES: Unlike most frac sand events which predominantly feature technology vendors, this summit features multiple case studies from well service companies & E&Ps buying frac sand, which in turn attracts record numbers of the frac sand producers who sell to them.

MULTIPLE SAND PRODUCER CASE STUDIES: The summit features more presentations from CEOs and VPs from the leading frac sand producers than any other, providing real life experience of overcoming rail, storage and transloading challenges to deliver their sand to customers on time at low-cost.

LEADING CLASS 1 RAILROADS: This event is now established as the only platform the Class 1 railroads engage with the frac sand community, with presentations and panels from multiple railroads on their plans for expanding capacity, improving railcar and optimizing existing routes.

100% FOCUSED ON LOGISTICS: As rail, storage and transloading bottlenecks continue to be the key challenges holding the industry back, this summit is the only forum to have 20 sessions entirely devoted to overcoming these challenges, with in depth focus sessions on each stage of transportation.

DETAILED TECHNICAL AGENDA: The reason frac sand producers and well service companies attend this event in higher numbers than any other is that the detailed technical agenda speaks directly to their needs.

END USER REQUIREMENTS & MARKET DEMAND: Hearing from E&Ps & well service companies on the volumes & types of frac sand they will be demanding & how this will impact pricing & logistical needs.

OPTIMIZING RAIL ROUTES & INFRASTRUCTURE: Explaining the visions of railroad operators for increasing their capacity for transporting frac sand to the key North American shale plays.

FRAC SAND STORAGE: Evaluating the types, locations & capacities of different storage options for frac sand to determine how frac sand producers & end users can overcome current capacity constraints.

TRANSLOADING INFRASTRUCTURE: Providing fresh updates on the capacity & locations of forthcoming transloading facility expansions for frac sand & explaining strategies for speeding up loading & unloading times.   

FRAC SAND SUPPLY FORECASTS: Forecasting the volumes & types of frac sand that will be entering the market over the next few years to determine whether they will be sufficient to meet demand & how they will impact pricing.

MAINTAINING FRAC SAND QUALITY: Benchmarking strategies for testing & maintaining frac sand quality during transportation to maximize the quality of product that reaches the well site.


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